Thursday, April 25, 2013

Luka Fineisen - Mixed Media Sculptor

Luka Fineisen
Mixed Media Sculptor

         Luka Fineisen is a German artist who works with many different kinds of media to create amazing sculptures that capture the "moments of becoming" as her work is described.  Her creations explore the transitions of matter between states; solid, liquid and gas.  These tipping points between states are what intrigue and inspire Fineisen to make these sculpture-like installations.  She fabricates these works of art from foam, plastic, molten metal, liquids and countless other kinds of materials.
Fineisen is unafraid of creating something delightful, but fascinated by the moment when that allure becomes unnerving. When sensuality becomes dangerous. When attraction turns to repulsion. Fineisen shows us the exact moment when she loses control over her creation and the coinciding love and fear of that instant.    -Bio by Hosfelt Gallery
        Luka Fineisen's website is more of a work summary and resume than a portfolio site.   I would advise checking it out as well as Fine Line Magazine where I found some of the images for this post.  Hosfelt Gallery in San Francisco CA, has a great little blurb about Luka Fineisen and her work.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ted Lott - Wood Sculptor, Artist & Designer

Ted Lott
Wood Sculptor, artist and designer

        Ted Lott is a wood sculptor, but his craft is more than just your average wood shop creations.  Ted 's work encompasses sculpture, architecture, furniture and design all in every piece.  Ted makes little dwellings out of small pieces of wood that have been meticulously fitted and shaped, sometimes to stand on their own, other times fitted in preexisting furniture like chairs and end tables.  From the images, you can really see the intricacy and detail to making each piece fit together perfectly.
        Ted Lott got his B.F.A at Maine College of Art in woodworking and furniture design.  He later went on to get his M.F.A at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  As well as being a world traveler, his work has been featured in museums, exhibitions and galleries around the states.  He has a great little website with more information and pictures, but before you head over there, here are a few of my favorites.

This is a wood sculpture made from circular wooden rings grouped together to form a Cloud, for which it's named. 

This is a time lapse of the building process for one of Ted Lott's miniature wooden mansions.