Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sandra Fettingis - Artist

Sandra Fettingis

          Apparently I love geometry because I keep stumbling upon these great geometric pieces.  It's not really the mathematical part of geometry that intrigues me but more of the artistic, precise shapes aspect.  I am drawn to the interactions of the sharp sides of these triangles in Sandra Fettingis' collection entitled "Tell Me When You Hear Me Falling."  I find it entrancing how together these smaller shapes make up larger ones and how the combination of the solid and outlined pieces work together.  I also really enjoy the contrast and bright pops of color even if it's only black and white.

          Sandra Fettingis is an artist working in Denver, Colorado who appreciates geometry as much as I do.  She creates these 3D pieces of art cut from pieces of wood and styrene plastic which are then coated in bright paints.  Her work has been featured in many museums, exhibits and public commissions.  She is also selling her geometric art (3D pieces like the ones featured here, jewelry and prints) online at her website and through etsy.   Most of her previous work can be found on her online portfolio.

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